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So here it is…yawn…the re-brand-new-look-revamped-remodelled-east-of-east-of-dulwich I’m thinking of doing a similar make-over on the original East of Dulwich but maybe i’ll sort out my sock draw instead. Had a meeting with Sarah…from the LAD client. Went better than I could have expected. not only did she like what i did but they agreed to pay […]

I get 2 emails from Finland. 1 from Pekka. 1 from Tiina. Pekka’s is mainly about how drunk he got on Mayday. He also says that the reason he told me to stay away from Tiina is that one of his work colleagues met her for a drink or two and Jorma managed to find […]

Why am i so weak? It’s getting late in more ways than one and I’m not going to have the LAD stuff ready for tomorrow unless I stay up all night that is. I managed to constuctively waste the entire day doing…i don’t know what…sending and reading personal emails and wondering why looming deadlines seem […]