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I am amazed that among the search term that people have used to find this blog is “i hate classical music” A bit of advice. Listen to something else then. Like country and western. Advertisements

There are weeks when you wish youd stayed in bed…all week. this is one of them. first of all i get an email from tiina telling me she still wants to meet tomorrow but — she says — plis (sic) dont say anything to jorma. he is so very jealous — next i get an […]

Talk about stress!!! here i am ten minutes to go before i have to meet Pekka somewhere the other side of town to catch a boat to an island to see some fortress. And I’ve just wasted most of the last hour trying to edit East of Dulwich just so i could do a post […]

being human


You know you have to hand it to B-list Celebs sometimes. You might not think much of Geri Halliwell’s last CD, but Ginger Spice did talk some sense, asking questions of economist Jeffrey Sachs who is giving this year’s Reith Lectures on radio 4 . While all around were winging on that “you can’t change […]