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It’s over. Finally finished the LAD project and sent it off to the client. James, the marketing manager has asked me for a meeting next friday afternoon to discuss it. he didn’t seem to pleased over the phone…look ok…it was nearly 2 months late but i had a number of unexpected technical problems. well, like […]



An old friend who’s into poetry, hearing i was going through a bad time sent me one by lavinia greenlaw Sisu To persevere in hope of summer. To adapt to its broken promise. To love winter. To sleep. To love winter. To adapt to its broken promise. To perservere in hope of summer.

I get 2 emails from Finland. 1 from Pekka. 1 from Tiina. Pekka’s is mainly about how drunk he got on Mayday. He also says that the reason he told me to stay away from Tiina is that one of his work colleagues met her for a drink or two and Jorma managed to find […]

Ironic really. I just get back from Finland, only to find that in London I’m completely snowed under. A proposal due tomorrow, loads of changes that Jorma asked for. Looks like I’m working this weekend. And certainly no time to write East of Dulwich Anyway, it takes half an hour to power up the ancient […]

Well just off to the airport now to fly back to London. when i get back to england, i swear im not going to drink for a week. not that i haven’t worked hard here in helsinki but its the alcohol that you are forced to consume… thats what really knackered me out. BTW, jorma […]