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There are weeks when you wish youd stayed in bed…all week. this is one of them. first of all i get an email from tiina telling me she still wants to meet tomorrow but — she says — plis (sic) dont say anything to jorma. he is so very jealous — next i get an […]

Just popped into the Mac Store on regent st. to pic up that bl**dy adaptor. And while i’m here, i cant resist looking at the mighty mouse that they’re pushing. Seems quite good…should be for 40 quid…50 for the bluetooth model. And accept for being white, looks good too. Oh never mind, i can eat […]

Just been up pc world on the old kent road to get a svga adaptor for my new MacBook. What a load of timewasters. I’d called them ahead and their call centre said they had one in stock and would put it by for me. Even gave me a reference number. After 20 minutes being […]