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Someblogger called antarctic househusband has tagged me…or rather has tagged east of dulwich — so now i’ve got to think of 8 interesting facts about him. this is harder than you might think. ok, i know i can just make the whole thing up just as i made the whole person up. but there’s a […]

Brought to book


Out of the blue comes a new project. Someone who liked East of Dulwich (!) has asked me if I can do a site for his business — a bookshop. Well have to admit i had to tell a couple of porkies. like (1) that i’d read a book once and (2) that i’d enjoyed […]

It’s over. Finally finished the LAD project and sent it off to the client. James, the marketing manager has asked me for a meeting next friday afternoon to discuss it. he didn’t seem to pleased over the phone…look ok…it was nearly 2 months late but i had a number of unexpected technical problems. well, like […]