About me, east of east, and east of dulwich…

I started writing this blog because I wanted to write something that wasn’t just fiction unlike East of Dulwich which is about an ex-librarian, based loosely on a character I came across in my local library. This blog is about how I come up with the ideas for the blog, or bl@g as i call it. I also talk about other projects I’m working on and something about whatever else I do with my days.

It would be cool if people comment on this site or to e-mail me : brad at eastofdulwich.com if you’re shy.


3 Responses to “About me, east of east, and east of dulwich…”

  1. 1 eastofeast

    I realise I haven’t really said much about the East of Dulwich Project. I promise to do better in future. Honest.

  2. In case you haven’t worked it out for yourself yet, there’s someone out in the blogosphere by the name of John Meadows who has taken it upon himself to set up a site called eastofeastofeastofdulwich, pretending that i’m a fictinal character made up by him.

    Just to put you straight – I exist. In case you don’t believe me, go to my website at http://www.bradeastman.co.uk

  3. I like the way you write! I was just searching for something that I’m not sure even exists; it’s posible I dreamnt it a long time ago and it is the memory of this dream I am chasing and not an actual existing thing ! Do you know the song ‘Guardian angels around my bed’ by Mario Lanza?! Well I have a memeory of this song being played as the soundtrack to an old grainy 1940’s 0r 1950’s cartoon, I have a faint image in my minds eye of a shadowy moonlit or candle lit room and and a tall four poster bed with drapes and someone sleeping or trying to sleep and all around are these angels as described in Mario Lanzas Lyrics. The scene from a christmas carol by Charles Dickens probaby comes to mind but no it’s not like that, this cartoon was almost in navy and grey-white and the music was intrinsicly important! maybe it was a dream I wish it wasn’t because I really want to see it!! 🙂 Maybe you could write a book like that with that song in mind !!
    Well of you know anything about an old cartoon featuring this song please let me know! keep ip writing it has a nice feel to it.
    Sincerely wondering,

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