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Missing the bus


i should learn to be more careful. On the 185, coming home tonight, the bus suddenly stopped between bus stops just south of oval, and didn’t move for 10 minutes. I went downstairs to see what was going on. Turns out that the driver had called the police because of a rude/aggressive passenger and we […]

Someblogger called antarctic househusband has tagged me…or rather has tagged east of dulwich — so now i’ve got to think of 8 interesting facts about him. this is harder than you might think. ok, i know i can just make the whole thing up just as i made the whole person up. but there’s a […]

Brought to book


Out of the blue comes a new project. Someone who liked East of Dulwich (!) has asked me if I can do a site for his business — a bookshop. Well have to admit i had to tell a couple of porkies. like (1) that i’d read a book once and (2) that i’d enjoyed […]



I am amazed that among the search term that people have used to find this blog is “i hate classical music” A bit of advice. Listen to something else then. Like country and western.

So here it is…yawn…the re-brand-new-look-revamped-remodelled-east-of-east-of-dulwich I’m thinking of doing a similar make-over on the original East of Dulwich but maybe i’ll sort out my sock draw instead. Had a meeting with Sarah…from the LAD client. Went better than I could have expected. not only did she like what i did but they agreed to pay […]