Could this be the right key?


So i decide the best thing to do is to get out of the country for a couple of days. Actually that’s not quite true, Terri asked me. Terri is a journalist who lives in Paris. I met her years ago when she was going out with a friend of mine. and before you ask, my friend was a woman and so is Terri. So Terri is feeling miserable and lonely and asked me if I would come over for a couple of days. She wrangles me a cheap ticket on the Eurostar, and here I am.

I wouldn’t mind — i’ve got very little else to do since finishing the LAD work and the Finnish stuff ticking over, and you can only revise your CV so many times. something’s gotta turn up.

Terri meets me at Gard du Nord, she’s already on her Nokia 6288

— god i’m really sorry, i’ve got to go and meet someone. she says

no matter that i’ve only just got here but she puts me on a bus to Place de la cliche telling me that it’s house number 6, punch in code 4027, 5th floor on the right. with my fantastic sense of direction and incredible numerical memory, i find my way, no problem. But only as far as the door. I forgot to ask her for a key.

Or did she give it to me. She’s not picking up. I head out again and find a bar on the Rue des Dames, drawn by the name and the lack of smoke. It’s called Lush and there’s a Mancunian behind the bar. I ask if he has wi-fi and he tells me to sit as close as I can to the window and take my chances. I start with Perrier but as I wait longer and longer the classsic cocktails look more and more lushious. I wonder what a ‘ti puch would taste like…

Then I notice that someone’s left a book on the next table, a Penguin Classic. And guess what? ethics by a certain Benedict de Spinoza. I pick it up and open at random to the line:

The object of the idea constituting the human mind is the body.


2 Responses to “Could this be the right key?”

  1. 1 The Ratman

    Keys, locks, doors, and you say there’s no more than a friendship between you and this Terri . I would be interested to know what you dreamt last night.

  2. Ratman

    I don’t remember. Sorry. But look just take it from me I don’t fancy Terri — sorry terri — even if she was straight i wouldn’t fancy her. I’m only interested in her mind, not her body. She isn’t my typo.

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