The School of Hard Copy


It’s over.

Finally finished the LAD project and sent it off to the client. James, the marketing manager has asked me for a meeting next friday afternoon to discuss it. he didn’t seem to pleased over the phone…look ok…it was nearly 2 months late but i had a number of unexpected technical problems. well, like tiina for one.

haven’t heard from her and i’m not going to contact her. pekka on the other hand phoned me this morning at 7am. pekka — if your reading this — we’re 2 hours behind helsinki not 2 hours ahead. luckily my insomnia’s back so he didn’t wake me. i wake up when it gets light now, around 5am.

anyway, pekka and i are best of friends suddenly. you, sorry i mean, he has said sorry for posting that comment on my blog and asked me to take it down. i told him what happened on friday and he said the most profound thing: “women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” When I asked him where he got such marvellous wisdom from he said ” Animal House…great movie, i’ve seen it 27 times”.

I never have. it came out before i was born. but i don’t say that because it’ll just make him feel even more older and wiser.

to make it up to me (what?) pekka is going to send me a book that will tell me all about women. i tell him i don’t read books, can’t he send me the dvd. he says, “what you never learned to read in the school?” . i’m not sure if he’s being serious when he says, “here in finland, everyone learns to read.”

talking about books, i see that dulwichmum is going to be available in hard copy. i wonder if there’ll be an mp3 audio version?


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