Make mine a double


At about three in the morning woke up from a dream where i was shaving myself in the mirror. My reflection looked back at me and then, bent his raised arm, put his hand under his chin and pulled off a mask. and behind the mask…just me, a reflection of me doing the reflectiony things that reflections do.

I lay awake for half the night, i tried to watch the box but even price-drop tv didn’t send me to sleep. I thought i could try something that used to work when i was a child — reading myself a story. so i did something i used to do when i was a kid. i read myself a story. i picked it off the shelf at random and it was called The Secret Sharer and finally i got back to sleep. Got woken up by my mobile receiving an sms from pekka:

Hei brad
Final warning.
Stay clear
of her


2 Responses to “Make mine a double”

  1. 1 pekka

    Stop making up bad lies about me. It is a slur on my character. Soon I will b v pis**d, man.
    you know who you r

  1. 1 East of East of Dulwich

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