When will normal service be resumed?


There are weeks when you wish youd stayed in bed…all week. this is one of them.

first of all i get an email from tiina telling me she still wants to meet tomorrow but — she says —

plis (sic) dont say anything to jorma. he is so very jealous —

next i get an email from jorma: he says

>> my wife that you met is coming to London and will be on her own of Friday night.
>> Please would you be so kind so as to look after her for me. I hear that London is no
>> longer such a safe place as before. She can be pleasant company so I hope you will
>> not object to my making such an imposition on our friendship.

Then when I finally get back to work on the LAD project — which i still haven’t finished — the phone rings. It’s The X. X and I split up more than a year ago. Actually we split up two years ago got back together then split up then got back together then split up then got back together — wait a minute is that too many getting back togetherrs?

She tells me that she is having a drink for her birthday on Friday and she’d like me to be there. I say i can’t make it. She says that it’s only her birthday once a year and can’t i cancel whatever i’ve got on. i remind her that she told me not to come to her last two birthdays so why is this one so different. She asks me if i’m seeing a woman. I say yes but its not a date. She hangs up without saying goodbye.

I e-mail Pekka to ask him what to do and get an outofoffice reply. Its in Finnish only and all i can make out is that he’ll be back on “perjantai’

Then to top it all someone launches a denial of service attack on my personal website Then when it comes up again its been hacked into every letter a has been changed to a crossed out @. So I’ve taken it down.

I think i know who is behind this but i dont know who he — could be a she — really is. but they use the name Meadows.


4 Responses to “When will normal service be resumed?”

  1. 1 Ludwig

    Dear Brad,
    love your blog.
    I met a guy called Luciano, yesterday, not sure who he is, but he was claiming that he was the real-real-real author of your blog. Better watch out. I think he picked up his name from a fictional caracter in this novel:

  2. Ludwig

    That’s pretty cool.

    but you know anyone can edit a wiki – what takes some doing is messing up a page on a global site like amazon:


    i think this settles questions about who’s really real around here to rest — or maybe not?


  3. 3 Br@d

    I @m still w@tching you.

  4. 4 not2late

    I attended a lecture last night given by Luciano Floridi about how ICT impacts on our lives. His point seemed to be that digital technologies are not created by us, rather they are producing new realities — they are ‘re-ontologizing’ our world and us with it. Not only are we sharing our environment with artificial agents but as we become information organisms (‘inforgs’)

    So in future when people attack our web presence, e.g. by a denial of service attack, maybe we’ll be able to make a personal injury claim. Soon we’ll be able to get life insurance for avatars.

    Luciano Floridi on Wikepedia (updated)
    Luciano Floridi Home Page

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