Putting off putting it off


I’m beginning to not like myself very much. aving failed to complete the LAD project and really p*ssed off one client I decide to put in a bid for another piece of work, this time for a NGO that works in Africa. well, never heard back from the NGO and meanwhile, the LAD work is so late that the firms written to say they might invoke the penalty clause. Can they do this? They never even told me about the penalty clause and — who has time to read contracts???????

(note to self: find a good lawyer. a cheap one. Yeah but, good and cheap rarely go together.)

So I’ve got until 6pm tonight to at least be able to bullsh*t myself through a phone conversation with Scott, yes it’s all on schedule I just ran into some unexpected…blah blah blah. Then if I don’t drink too much tonight I can at least have something to show them Monday morning. If I lose this one, I’m going to have to find a cheaper flat.

And Pekkas no use, he keeps calling me up in the middle of the day to ask me stuff like do i have any cds by john mayalls blues breakers. just because i’m english it doesn’t make me an expert on music.

Better go…


One Response to “Putting off putting it off”

  1. 1 The Ratman

    I think you should ask yourself what it is that you really desire from this situation. You may believe sincerely that you want to complete this work-project but on the level of the unconscious, your repressed desires are manifest.

    Might not this be rooted in your attraction to this Tiina, a married woman and so, like your mother, forbidden territory? The unattainable oedipal desire for Tiina counterparts hostility towards Jorma who represents your father. Unable to express this, it comes out in your rebellion against a proxy figure, in this case another client.

    Of course you will believe none of this which only proves that it is true.

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