You better watch your step


I get 2 emails from Finland. 1 from Pekka. 1 from Tiina. Pekka’s is mainly about how drunk he got on Mayday. He also says that the reason he told me to stay away from Tiina is that one of his work colleagues met her for a drink or two and Jorma managed to find an excuse to fire him. But he doesn’t blame Jorma for this. Pekka thinks it was all Tiina’s fault and that in the words of a song by the Velvet Underground — pekka’s favourite band — she’s a femme fatale.

Tiinas message is well more straightforward. She says shes working at conference the week after next and couldn’t get a flight back on the Friday — hard to believe — and so shes going to stay over and catch a dawn flight on Saturday. Everyone else will have gone home so would I like to meet for a drink at 7.

I say sure. Why not. Give her my mobile number, hit reply and have a strange feeling like I’ve done something really wrong. Like that time as a kid when I pressed a button in a full freezer only to find out the next day that it was the defrost button.

I think about making up some story about this to put on East of Dulwich but for some reason I just don’t feel in the mood.


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