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Well back in good old east (of) dulwich. I look across the gardens from my £750 a month studio and think about paris. Terri cheered up a bit before I left. Last night we ended up in a club (can’t remember the name) and we danced like latin lovers in a disney cartoon. When we […]

Terri turns up, tells me where I put the key, in my wallet where i wouldn’t lose it. women notice these things. i offer her dinner to make up for my stupidity. Fantastic three-course meal in [name of Restaurant] washed down with a carafe of Vacqueyras. And then another… I wake up early as ever. […]

So i decide the best thing to do is to get out of the country for a couple of days. Actually that’s not quite true, Terri asked me. Terri is a journalist who lives in Paris. I met her years ago when she was going out with a friend of mine. and before you ask, […]

It’s over. Finally finished the LAD project and sent it off to the client. James, the marketing manager has asked me for a meeting next friday afternoon to discuss it. he didn’t seem to pleased over the phone…look ok…it was nearly 2 months late but i had a number of unexpected technical problems. well, like […]



An old friend who’s into poetry, hearing i was going through a bad time sent me one by lavinia greenlaw Sisu To persevere in hope of summer. To adapt to its broken promise. To love winter. To sleep. To love winter. To adapt to its broken promise. To perservere in hope of summer.

I once went for three nights without sleeping at all. i wish i could say that i was having such a great time i didn’t want to go to bed but that’s not true. i just lay in bed hour after hour after hour. my thoughts raced like an electric train. Ive beenawake since round […]

i can see the guture. and it is not going to thank me for that last whisky i just drunk wot a night- pekka if your reeding this im sorry you were rithg all along about about everything. that is one gucked up woman sorry i gotta go