Ever decreasing circles


Why am i so weak? It’s getting late in more ways than one and I’m not going to have the LAD stuff ready for tomorrow unless I stay up all night that is.

I managed to constuctively waste the entire day doing…i don’t know what…sending and reading personal emails and wondering why looming deadlines seem to make my internal work-processing device slow down. At one time I started moving my books around, trying out a different order. Could it be that i’m running another program in the background (Buggerup 3.1) that uses up loads of system memory.

Or maybe it’s some sort of trojan (selfconsciousness.neu) that keeps me looping, worrying about how the work is going to turn out and maybe whether this worrying is going to make me produce worse work or if the work is going to turn out worse if i don’t worry about it enough…

…when i could be concentrating on just doing it.


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