PC (world) v Mac, the final verdict…


Just popped into the Mac Store on regent st. to pic up that bl**dy adaptor. And while i’m here, i cant resist looking at the mighty mouse that they’re pushing. Seems quite good…should be for 40 quid…50 for the bluetooth model. And accept for being white, looks good too. Oh never mind, i can eat lentils for a week. And I’m definitely getting my student discount.

Just have to say (sorry PC World) the staff here are absolutely brilliant. Don’t try and impress me with technicalese, all you have to do is tell me what it does. Which is what they do here.


2 Responses to “PC (world) v Mac, the final verdict…”

  1. 1 Methuselah

    The kind of service I like is such as one receives in Moxon’s the fishmonger on Lordship Lane. These gentlemen really know their fish, can offer helpful advice and call me, “sir” into the bargain. And never mind computers, the fish there are so fresh they’re almost byte-ing!!!

  2. 2 eastofeast

    Even a complete kitchen klutz like me has got into fish since this shop has opened. Check out the guit-headed bream – a little oil, bung it under the grill…bosh! Fantastic.

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