Stiff Upper Lips


Ironic really. I just get back from Finland, only to find that in London I’m completely snowed under. A proposal due tomorrow, loads of changes that Jorma asked for. Looks like I’m working this weekend. And certainly no time to write East of Dulwich Anyway, it takes half an hour to power up the ancient PC I write it on. i could just do it on the mac…i know but it just wouldnt feel right. its using the clunky keyboard and the constantly hanging that makes me slow down and use proper spellling and punctuation,

So what about the luscious Tiina you ask me. Well she turned up where I was meeting Pekka — hed told her where we’d be — said she wanted to apologise for Jorma’s behaviour. I said there was no need but she insisted. She said: you have to understand that Finnish men can’t show emotion, and they drink too much. I said: what about the English stiff upper lip. She asked me to explain the expression but somehow I failed to find the right words. I was to busy looking at her’s.

Anyway, back to work. i wonder if ill ever see her again?


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