Finnished in Helsinki


Talk about stress!!!

here i am ten minutes to go before i have to meet Pekka somewhere the other side of town to catch a boat to an island to see some fortress. And I’ve just wasted most of the last hour trying to edit East of Dulwich just so i could do a post from helsinki in the style of East, the librarian. Anyway, given up on that one…teach me not to use Word 2002 — you can’t read it on a mac or you cant seem to

suffice to say never did go clubbing on friday night as i meant to. spent the evning sampling the delites of finnish hospitals. after we’d finished working, pekka announces that the company director wants to take us for dinner. we could go to a club afterwards he said. finns eat early. so we meet up with Jarmo and his gorgeous wife, tina at six only to find that theyve already finished the first bottle of chablis. Jarmo shakes my hand warmly asks me if i want a beer…i say no thanks…he orders beers all round.

by the time we reach the cheese course, having polished off another four bottles, Jarmo tells me i am the best web designer in the world and that he wants me to come and work for him. i then try and tell him what a great guy he is…all the time he’s staring at lovely tina…then suddenly he puts his hand into his scothc on the rocks, turns to me and throws an icecube straight into my left eye.

He then laughs loudly, asks for the bill…which he pays for…and tells us to go out and have a good evening. Only trouble is…i’m not longer able to hide the fact that i’m in agony…completelty unable to see properly…eventually, when he’s stopped laughing…pekka sees that my eyes gone completely red and takes me to casualty.

anyway…got to go now…had a call from pekka that tina (!) wants to come too. cant think why.

only worry is how am i going to face Jarmo at the meeting on tuesday?


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