The Truth about East of Dulwich


I thought I ought to say something to put an end to the rumors about who is behind the East of Dulwich website. I’ve had some fantastic suggestions sent to me by email…who is “Passmore Edwards” by the way? Well…it’s not him!

I had the idea of doing a fictional blog after i went to my local library at the top of barry road SE22. I wanted to find some ideas for a site I was building for a market research project. The name of the project was Spinoza . stood for Sales/Purchases Internet Nodal Organizational Zoning Account.

Anyway, i got curious about the person, baruch spinoza… turns out this philosopher, a Dutch Jewish man living in 17 century got excommunicated and no one really knows why. I tried to get some more info on wikipedia but i wanted to see if i could find anything out in a book form. to be honest, i was thinking it would be cool to to use a scan of some of the pages from a really old one.

There he was, this old guy standing by the Religion section…typical librarian, shuffling around in a green sleeveless cardigan, with his button down collar open on one side. When i asked him about spinoza, his eyes just lit up. I was with him for the next half hour…he just wouldn’t let me go…found me all sorts of stuff, old victorian editions of the ethics and a book by stephen nadler called spinozas heresy about why spinoza got slung out of the community.

Anyway…finally i managed to get away and this guy…still don’t know his name…wouldnt let me thank him. he said that all he usually got to do nowadays was to, book people on computers, sort out problems with the printers and occasionally help people find dvds.

A couple of months later i was passing again and i popped in and asked for him…they told me he’d left. Someone said that all the old librarians were retiring because they didn’t like the way things were going…not enough books or something.

So that’s where i got the idea for East of Dulwich. I created it using an ancient version of word and saving it as html, just adding more and more text as i went along. i wanted to make it look and sound like an old geezer who goes around with his nose stuck in a book, hates technology. maybe it’s me that’s grown old before my time but in some ways east of eastofdulwich has become a kind of alter ego…someone who can say the kind of things id say if i didnt want to sound like an old git.

I’ll be using this blog to post stuff about the making of East Of Duwich and about some of the other web 2.0 projects i am working on. Feel free to use it to post comments about what you think about the story so far.


One Response to “The Truth about East of Dulwich”

  1. Hi there East,

    This really is a beautiful site. I look forward to putting comments on it now, as it just seems less intimidating if you know what I mean. A lovely new format.

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