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Why am i so weak? It’s getting late in more ways than one and I’m not going to have the LAD stuff ready for tomorrow unless I stay up all night that is. I managed to constuctively waste the entire day doing…i don’t know what…sending and reading personal emails and wondering why looming deadlines seem […]

Just popped into the Mac Store on regent st. to pic up that bl**dy adaptor. And while i’m here, i cant resist looking at the mighty mouse that they’re pushing. Seems quite good…should be for 40 quid…50 for the bluetooth model. And accept for being white, looks good too. Oh never mind, i can eat […]

Just been up pc world on the old kent road to get a svga adaptor for my new MacBook. What a load of timewasters. I’d called them ahead and their call centre said they had one in stock and would put it by for me. Even gave me a reference number. After 20 minutes being […]

No news from Pekka who seems to have vanished without trace. but i get an email from tiina…did i get the CD she sent me? I did. And i was wondering who had sent it to me. Its Bach. Goldberg Variations. Theres an interesting story about this music which ive told on East of Dulwich. […]

Pekka sends me a text: stay away from dangerous woman Thats all. I’ve emailed him hoping he can say a bit more but its gone 4pm in Helsinki and hes probably skived off early

Bizzarre. I’ve just had an email from Tiina — thats the finnish spelling — and shes coming to London for her business next month and suggests we meet up for a drink. She’s a translator/interpretter and is coming for a conference at that big ugly hotel in Southamton Row. She says: >> it would be […]

Met a couple of friends in the Capitol in Forest Hill. Heard the best explanation yet of what a consultant does (thanks Richard). A consultant is someone who takes your watch from you, then tells you the time with the proviso that they can only guarantee an accuracy of +/- 30 percent. Richard also tells […]