Mac, the Life


Weather too hot for working I go for a little cycle into town.

Find myself inescapably drawn to the Mac Store once more. They’ve got the new iMac — looking good at £799. I wonder how many computers one man needs. and decide another one won’t do anyone any harm.


On yer bike!


Great day on saturday watching the tour de france prologue in hyde park. trouble with digital camera is that the time-delay — just a fraction of a second — meant that i ended up with lots of pics of cyclists just exiting frame-right. still, here’s quite a nice one where i got lucky:

Tour de France Prologue

and well done london cycling campaign for organizing the rides up there — and getting us a special viewing area out of Ken.

Missing the bus


i should learn to be more careful.

On the 185, coming home tonight, the bus suddenly stopped between bus stops just south of oval, and didn’t move for 10 minutes. I went downstairs to see what was going on. Turns out that the driver had called the police because of a rude/aggressive passenger and we were waiting for them to turn up. The man in question was a fat white man in his forties who was loudly telling the bus that he “didn’t give a toss” and he wasn’t getting off even if it meant that everyone else was stuck there.

Now I don’t know, I get really annoyed at this sort of thing and I lost it with the guy, ending up with him offering me out. i was at the point of getting off the bus with him when an older woman sitting next to him gave me a look. It was like an almost indiscernible shake of the head and she mouthed the words, it’s not safe. So instead i walked away, off the bus alone and to the next stop where another bus arrived taking me to Lordship Lane, pride bruised, body intact.

Who knows. Maybe she was my guardian angel in human form. maybe i should have taken him off the bus and — given that the last fight i had was when i was twelve — got myself beaten to a pulp as an act of self-sacrifice. but i didn’t. and i’m here telling the tale.

who knows where he is now, possibly in walworth road police station, if the police ever turned up.

but there’s another possible world where I am a hero.

*i demolish him with my kung fu kicks
*make a pretend phone call to imaginary mafiosi which makes him run away leaving me laughing with the other passengers
*I calm him with my hypnotic deep and soothing voice and he walks off into the night vowing to be a better person.

And then there’s this one. this world @ – and i know that its not the one that I would chose…if i had the option.

    Someblogger called

antarctic househusband has tagged me…or rather has tagged east of dulwich — so now i’ve got to think of 8 interesting facts about him.

this is harder than you might think. ok, i know i can just make the whole thing up just as i made the whole person up. but there’s a real problem with harmony of design – i can’t say something that conflicts with some post that i wrote back in february. and i read so slowly that it would take me for ever to go back over the whole thing. anyway, something to work on when i should be working. something else to focus on as to stop me thinking about tiina.

Meanwhile, the book from pekka arives. It’s ‘the egyptian’ by Mika Waltari. It starts:-

I, Sinuhe, the son of Senmut and of his wife Kipa, write this. I do not write it to the glory of the gods in the land of Kem, for I am weary of gods, nor to the glory of the Pharaohs, for I am weary of their deeds. I write neither from fear nor from any hope of the future but for myself alone. During my life I have seen, known, and lost too much to be the prey of vain dread; and, as for the hope of immortality, I am as weary of that as I am of gods and kings.

what’s that all about?

Brought to book


Out of the blue comes a new project. Someone who liked East of Dulwich (!) has asked me if I can do a site for his business — a bookshop. Well have to admit i had to tell a couple of porkies. like (1) that i’d read a book once and (2) that i’d enjoyed it.

OK, i read lots of books at school but that doesn’t count really. i really admire people who sit on the train or bus reading — i often wish i could do it. trouble is my attention span is 2 paragraphs max. can just about manage a short news article on a good day but pages of text just leave me, leave me, dazed….I tried an audio book once but that was even worse.

So anyway, the site only has to be very simple and I’m not expected to write the content so should pull it off. I just have to focus.



I am amazed that among the search term that people have used to find this blog is

“i hate classical music”

A bit of advice. Listen to something else then. Like country and western.

So here it is…yawn…the re-brand-new-look-revamped-remodelled-east-of-east-of-dulwich

I’m thinking of doing a similar make-over on the original East of Dulwich but maybe i’ll sort out my sock draw instead.

Had a meeting with Sarah…from the LAD client. Went better than I could have expected. not only did she like what i did but they agreed to pay me the full fee. Even though i was six weeks late. I asked if they might have any other work for me in the future. “Don’t push it,” she said.

I am beginning to wonder if I need a face-lift and a new identity.

Still England’s 1-0 up against Brazil and all’s well with the world.